Who we are

Waavi is a disruptive innovation lab with over 10 years experience in helping major company’s visionaries and entrepreneurs transform their ideas and challenges into new digital businesses with impact and traction in record time.

We are Waavi, the creator of the “Innovation made Fast&Smart” model, that allows us to generate a digital product, service and new business model in less than 60 days.

Waavi is part of pfsGROUP, the perfect ally and market leader in Efficient Transformation to ensure that those business models are productive, profitable, sustainable and scalable.

Why Waavi ?

01 Digital DNA

At Waavi, we can account for over 10 years leading innovation projects as well as building and launching digital experiences with impact.


02 Human-Centered Design

At Waavi, everything revolves around the user experience when it comes to digital products. Strategy, design and technology at the service of end users.


03 Experience

At Waavi, a team of entrepreneurs with a thorough experience in startups, entrepreneurship and major companies is at the service of those who wish to change things, question the status quo and deliver impact.


04 Smart metrics

At Waavi, we believe in the bringing together of data in our intelligent products which is of imperative value to all our strategies. We make use of qualitative and quantitative user research to make decisions, iterate or pivot in an extremely agile way.


05 Fast action

At Waavi, our innovation systematization approach allows us to achieve results with speed, managing risks and uncertainty while guaranteeing higher quality.


06 Dedicated team

At Waavi, our multidisciplinary team of innovation consultants, UX/UI designers and engineers is at the disposal of our clients to deliver functional products in a timely and satisfactory manner.


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Madrid - Valencia - Barcelona - Almería - Ciudad Real

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