Waavi method is specialized in innovation systematization by implementing our own innovation made Fast&Smart model and methodological framework that allows us to manage business and market uncertainty to offer value in record time.

method waavi

Our end-to-end innovation process

In our Fast&Smart innovation model, we have four main milestones that cover the discovery, ideation, validation and development phases to ensure profitable market validation, business viability and solution delivery.



· Ultra-rapid & Smart

4 – 6 weeks
  • MVM (Minimum Viable Market) identification
  • Business hypotheses validation by way of prototypes and testing campaigns

Profitable market validation for the business idea

· New Digital Seed

8 – 10 weeks
  • Validation of the solution’s capacity of lead generation capacity
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development with nuclear characteristics
  • Product strategy and marketing designs

Viability of the solution and business seed generation

· Next Big Thing

12 – 14 weeks
  • Development of new intellectual property
  • Solution integration in company portfolio

Turnkey solution

Profitable market validation for the business idea

Viability of the solution and business seed generation

Turnkey solution

Our methodological

In all our innovation processes, we implement a series of methodologies that have proven to be successful. We implement entrepreneurial methods and techniques within corporate strategies as well as our own methodologies specific to each innovation stage and objective.


Ideate and validate hypotheses (measure prototype impact)

Develop (iterative and incremental development of MVP)

Develop (iterative and incremental development of product)

Our iterative innovation cycle

We deliver value thanks to our extremely agile and iterative approach to innovation based on hypotheses validation, continuous learning and improvement.


The starting point is set on the idea conceptualization seeking to find the relevant problem to be resolved, carrying out a risk and opportunity analysis to define the project’s strategic goals.


Development loops applying RAD (Rapid Application Development) and our own digital assets to deliver a ready-to-launch and functional product, deployed and with the highest quality by way of review sessions and Test Driven Development.


The time to measure the product’s performance during the release. We extract the main insights, conclusions and KPIs thanks to user-centered design techniques focused on empathising with end users and repeating the cycle, reflecting over the improvement areas.


The time to implement our BLADE model to prioritize functionalities and follow SCRUM principles, taking those lessons learned and past experiences to evolve the product to satisfy the target’s needs and expectations.


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