What we do

What do we do?

Our capabilities include the following services based on business and technological foundations for business transformation and innovation that build the best user experiences possible.

Innovation as a service

New business models: create and launch new disruptive businesses, with the perfect combination of strategy, product development and digital marketing.

Business Design
Service Design
Open Innovation
Digital Strategy
Trends Observatory
Business Validation
Brand Design
Venture Engineering
Software Development (web, mobile, cloud solutions)
Functional Testing & Quality Assurance
MVP Development

Agile product development and delivery

Digital products and services: digital asset development with high impact in record time. Web application, mobile, native cloud designed to charm.

Artificial Intelligence
Integration Services
Functional and Technical Analysis

Corporate experimentation

Prototypes + UX/UI + Tests: design and development of interactive prototypes that visualize the most radical ideas to validate users, market and value proposition by way of pilots and rapid testing.

User Experience (UX & UI)
Digital Marketing
SEO & SEM Strategies
Proof of Concept
Digital Campaigns
Digital Prototyping like Landing Pages



I’m a business director and…

“I have identified a market opportunity but can’t figure out how to benefit from it”
“I have a great business idea with great potential but don’t know where to start to bring it to life”
“I have a great business idea but I’m not sure if it will be profitable and desired in the market”


Collaborative session.

Aimed at designing major companies’ innovation and transformation plan.

All stakeholders and relevant people participating together at once.

Generating alternative ideas to business and organizational needs.

Digital or physical session.

In less than 2 hours.


Identify and understand strategic challenges, needs, objectives and opportunities

Accelerate ideation by way of creative processes.

Vote and prioritize solutions.

Design the rapid experimentation and validation of solutions plan.


Challenge identification workshop.

Solution ideation workshop based on identified opportunities.

Solution prototyping workshop.

Solution testing workshop.


Identify the company’s business and operational challenges and needs.

Define the company’s weaknesses and strengths.

Consider the highest priority innovation solutions for short terms results.

Provide innovative solutions and recommendations from Waavi’s side that are aligned with the company’s challenges and needs.

Where to start?

We celebrate innovation workshops with the participation of companies’ visionaries, innovators and intrapreneurs as well as key stakeholders. Ready to start working together?


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